"Not enough free space" xxxx to import

Sonarr Version:
Package Version: nightly-4d471e8 by hotio
Mono Version:

Radarr Version:
Package Version: nightly-ce7beda by hotio

OS: unRAID 6.9.2


As you can see in the log, Sonarr has started to complain about “Not enough free space to import”. This setup has worked for a long time and I haven’t changed anything.

Sonarr > Root folders > /TV
Says there is 4.8 GB free space

If I in the Sonarr docker open a Console and enter “df”, I can see the /TV mount has 8.6 TB available.

All my shares are local (no remote mounted drives)

Radarr > Root folders > /Movies
It says the Free space is 8.6 TB

Below you can see some screenshot:

your poor docker mounts results in double space for all seeds and i/o abusive imports

It appears you did not read the post template; info logs are useless for debugging

Not enough free space (5176082432)

5.17Gb vs 4.8 GB free space; thus you do not have enough space to import; what do you have set in Importing => Minimum Free Space; regardless sonarr only sees - based on your permissions and poor paths presumably, 4.8G free

I haven’t changed anything.

FWIW every single time anyone says they are having an issue and they say this, it is a lie in 99/100 cases

Thank you for the link to the trash-guides.
I don’t download Torrents and have therefore not enabled Hardlinks.

I have set: Minimum Free Space = 100 MB

I have a share named ‘Media’ with cache = No
I use the share to store the TV Series on my array.

When Sonarr has ‘completed’ a TV Series, Sonarr move the file off the ‘cache’ to the unRAID array.
I don’t use “mover”

The Sonarr container path: /Tv = /mnt/user/Media/TV Shows/
Sonarr displays there is 4.8 GB Free Space
Radarr displays there is 8.6 TB Free Space

I think what Sonarr displays is the size of the unRAID Docker Vdisk

Label: none  uuid: 5989e080-0423-4dff-a162-2bff3d30d597
	Total devices 1 FS bytes used 4.73GiB
	devid    1 size 10.00GiB used 6.90GiB path /dev/loop2

If I change the Sonarr container path from 'user to ‘cache’: /Tv = /mnt/cache/Media/TV Shows
Then Sonarr displays 374.5 GB Free Space. Which is the free size of my ‘cache’ drive.

I have used this setup for the last 2-3 years without any problems, so something has changed in Sonarr.

I have created a “data” User Share and setup the Docker paths according to the Trash-guides.

Unfortunately, this haven’t solve the problem.

As you can see at the screenshot below, the unRAID “data” User Share displays 9.83 TB free.
The Sonarr Root Folder /data/media/tv says there is 4.8 GB free
The Radarr Root Folder /data/media/movies says there is 8.9 TB free.

Sonarr > System > Status > Disk Space:
Location is displayed as: / (/)

Radarr > System > Status > Disk Space
Location is displayed as: /

Is the Sonarr extra (/) an error that maybe can give you a hint about what the problem is?

This time I have attached the sonarr.log from the /mnt/user/appdata/sonarr/logs directory


unRAID docker Containers:

unRAID User Shares:

Sonarr Root Folders:

Radarr Root Folders:

Sonarr Disk Space:

Radarr Disk Space: