Not downloading why?

Using Sonarr on Windows and Masked Singer was on yesterday. It shows some valid download options but nothing downloaded. Any thoughts?

  • sonarr never saw it in the rss feed - if you check your logs you’ll probably see gaps showing up. you can reduce your feed times down but you can only go so low
  • it did see it but it didnt have the right size, number of seeders, or something else didnt fit your criteria so it was rejected - you’d have to check your logs to find out exactly why
  • it wasnt categorised properly by the indexer - you cant fix this, only the indexer can

basically, you need to check the logs.

note - a search is not what sonarr uses to check for files to download, its practically pointless using it as a comparison.

Gotcha it’s some magic. Anyway, where are the logs? The logfile in ProgramData is a text file with this:

2023-07-15 16:09:16.3|Info|Bootstrap|Starting Sonarr - C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin\Sonarr.Console.exe - Version
2023-07-15 16:09:17.1|Info|UtilityModeRouter|Application mode: UninstallService
2023-07-15 16:09:17.1|Info|ConsoleApp|Exiting main.
2023-07-15 16:22:46.0|Info|Bootstrap|Starting Sonarr - C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin\Sonarr.Console.exe - Version
2023-07-15 16:22:46.1|Info|UtilityModeRouter|Application mode: UninstallService
2023-07-15 16:22:46.1|Info|ConsoleApp|Exiting main.
2023-07-18 18:36:49.2|Info|Bootstrap|Starting Sonarr - C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin\Sonarr.Console.exe - Version
2023-07-18 18:36:50.1|Info|UtilityModeRouter|Application mode: UninstallService
2023-07-18 18:36:50.1|Info|ConsoleApp|Exiting main.

There is a DB file that is encrypted or binary and that isn’t in the LogFiles location in the web interface.

you may need to enable logging first, not sure what it defaults to in v4

in v3 theyre under system > log files, i presume v4 still has that. i presume there should still be a logs folder there somewhere as well.

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