NORDIC in search change

Hi, first let me thank everyone for a world class program.

I’m running Sonarr in a docker an all works perfect except for a little misunderstanding in the language profile.
I have a danish profile with TAGS set up so i can search for files where words like “dksubs , danish and nordic” should be the one to DL as first choice, words like dksubs, and danish is working fine, but not the tags Nordic.
Its overruled by a mistake in the language settings so it will say “English is wanted, but found Norwegian” in this file. " [Supergirl.S05E01.NORDiC.1080p.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-DBRETAiL]"

Let my clarify the word NORDIC is NOT eaqual to Norway but is… “wikipedia”
“The Nordic countries constitute a region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden”

Yes i know that i can just make the change to set my profile to Norwegian, but the it will give problems in the future if next time it may have danish in file name, and then i have to manual adjust again.

I can see that this topic have been raised before, but am hoping it will be reconsidered again, so other from the NORTH “nordic region” dont strugle with this problem.

I have tried to solve it my self for my local installation, did get the code changed in LanguageParser.cs and recompiled it, but the docker version don’t use the same build.

Maybe something like this can solve it
if (lowerTitle.Contains(“danish”) || lowerTitle.Contains(“swedish”) || lowerTitle.Contains(“norwegian”))
return Language.nordic;

Or let the TAGS have 1 priority

Happy holidays for everyone.

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