Noob to Sonarr with some questions

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OS: Windows 11
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I’ve tried to set Sonarr up to DL certain TV episodes in a 1080, 265 format, but, it seems to just download it in 1080, 264. Is there a way to sort that? (I think it may be down to not fullty working with NZBGeek, and so it’s grabbing the closest thing, from RARBG instead, but, I may be wrong).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have looked around Goggle and read through some guides, but I just can’t seem to find the right info.


How did you “set Sonarr up to DL certain TV episodes in a 1080, 265 format”?

I haven’t, that’s my issue. I mean, I know it can be done, but, I’m struggling to get it right, as it just grabs a full 1080, 264 version of the episode, which is always a big sized file. I’ve tried to set up a release profile to get the 265 episodes, but it keeps bypassing it. Obviously I haven’t set it up right though, so looking for someone that can help. Cheers.

Alright then, how did you try to “set Sonarr up to DL certain TV episodes in a 1080, 265 format”?

By adding a release profile, in the settings-profiles section. I added all the keywords, and tags, that I thought would make Sonarr get the 265 version of the episode, but, it just grabbed a 1080, 264 version instead.


You’ve used Preferred, so that’s all they will be. If you want to make them necessary, use Must Contain.

Ah riiiight. Okay, I’ve amended that, hopefully that gets the version I need. Thanks for your help dude, much appreciated.

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Weirdly, I’m still getting duplicate downloads, in 2 different locations, again, that’s probably me configuring it wrong. I’ll see if the settings I’ve changed works for 265 episodes soon, as there’s a couple tomorrow.

Also, is there a way to set it up so if an episode has 0 seeders, it rejects it, and searches for one that has more? As I’m sometimes left with a ton of links just sitting there idly, with no seeders, while there’s a slew of other show episodes just sat in the queue because the other episodes aren’t doing anything.

Minimum Seeders can be set on a per indexer basis, but the default is 1, so it shouldn’t be downloading anything with 0 (assuming the tracker is reporting it accurately).

Yah, I thought as much. Also, I checked this morning, and it’s still grabbing 1080 264 files, instead of 265 lol. So, I went through the setup steps, with the show BMF as an example.

Step 1: Setup a profile to grab MeGusta episodes from NZBGeek (with MeGusta tag):

Step 2: These are the MeGusta release profile settings I have (also with MeGusta tag). It’s set to use NZBGeek as the indexer:

Step 3: These are the episodes I’m targetting on NZBGeek:

Step 4: These are the settings when I add BMF to my Sonarr list (tagged with MeGusta profile)

Step 5: As you can see, it downloads a completely different set of release profiles, only one having 265 in the title.

I’m in no doubt that I’ve set it up incorrectly, so I tried to show as much info as possible, hoping someone can spot the mistake I’ve made.

Try removing the preferred words and keep it only as must contain.

Just tried that. Same result. I even tried excluding x264, H264, with must contain as MeGusta, 265 etc, and all manner of combinations, but yeah, it’s still grabbing the 1080 264’s right away. I tried removing Prowlarr, and using NZBGeek as the indexer, directly from Sonarr, but now it doesn’t pick anything up.

Nightmare haha

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