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OS: Windows 8.1
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when trying to do a manual search for an episode, no NZB results are returned. When searching the NZB site (dognzb) results appear for the episode in question. (Simpsons S30e13 - Todays episode)

I spot checked this on a couple other series and i get the same thing, though it was for other episodes for from today. when checking an episode from last week, i get NZB results. Is there a timer on how long sonarr waits to load results from today?

when testing the connection in indexers i get a success message, though did get a fail message in another instance of testing.

The whole point of this is to help try and force NZBs to be used over torrents. not really getting my bang for my buck on the nzb side. i already have a 6 hour delay for torrents and that doesnt seem to be doing the trick.



There is a fundamental difference between searching via your indexers’ website and sonarr searching.
When you perform a search on the website, you’re asking the website for “anything where the text matches simpsons s30e13”.

When sonarr performs a search, it’s asking your indexers’ api for something like “give me all results for episode 13 of season 30 of the show with tvdb id 71663 in categories 5030 and 5040” (which are presumably the TV-SD and TV-HD categories).
Code: 19-2-11 00:47:04.3|Debug|Newznab|Downloading Feed,5040&extended=1&apikey=(removed)&offset=0&limit=100&tvdbid=71663&rid=6190&season=30&ep=13

If your indexer has not matched the results you’re seeing on the website with the correct tvdb id, they will not be returned via the api call that sonarr is making.
If they do that later on, sonarr will get those results from the api if you do a manual search a week later.


I understand. I figured it was doing something similar (pulling a list and searching for the right one) when looking at the logs.

Thanks for the explanation.


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