No new calender dates

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Description of issue:

Hi all !

My Problem … no new Dates in Calender for my series.

are there any known problems ?

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

PS: After i restart sonarr i have 0 Dates in my calender :open_mouth:

I’m here because I have the same issue. Nothing new in my calendar since the week of May 11th and nothing in the future well into 2021. I’m sure what I’ve got in my series are over for the current season, but there’s one or two that should be on in the summer and all series are renewed so something should be in the fall thru to 2021 calendar.

I’m wondering if it is a technical issue or if doesn’t have future episode info yet because of COVID-19.

Any specific series, or all?
If have quite a few in sonarr (also for family members) and I don’t immediately see an issue, I have lots of future episodes in my calendar, but then again, I don’t keep on top of all series.

Probably best to post some debug logs as well (upload to hastebin or similar, link here).

I have what I think may be the same problem. My system is not showing the Netflix show Space Force, for example. It appears as a show if I search for it and will let me send downloads to Sab. The episodes even say it aired today at 0800 but it doesn’t show in the calendar.

Given there is a time listed something isn’t monitored. Make sure both the series and all the episodes are monitored.

This isn’t a user error. I have lots of shows subbed and monitored. Didn’t touch anything. Everything was working fine. Now the calendar is empty.

My latest debug log:

So I looked for a TV show that was running this summer and that TVDB had the episodes and dates listed. I found “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted” fit the bill. So I added the series in SONARR and then when to the calendar and all the future episodes (they’re airing June and July) are there.

So it is quite possible that for the series I already had in SONARR (and the other people with this issue) simply don’t have announced airing dates yet hence TVDB isn’t populated.