No import from SABNZBD whatsoever/no logs

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker/Debian
Debug logs:
2024-02-22 14:34:01.8|Info|Bootstrap|Starting Sonarr - /app/sonarr/bin/Sonarr - Version
2024-02-22 14:34:01.9|Info|AppFolderInfo|Data directory is being overridden to [/config]
2024-02-22 14:34:01.9|Info|AppFolderInfo|Data directory is being overridden to [/config]
2024-02-22 14:34:02.4|Info|AppFolderInfo|Data directory is being overridden to [/config]
2024-02-22 14:34:02.5|Info|MigrationController|*** Migrating data source=/config/sonarr.db;cache size=-20000;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3;busytimeout=100 ***
2024-02-22 14:34:03.3|Info|MigrationController|*** Migrating data source=/config/logs.db;cache size=-20000;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3;busytimeout=100 ***
2024-02-22 14:34:04.1|Info|Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime|Now listening on: http://[::]:8989
2024-02-22 14:34:10.1|Info|Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime|Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.
2024-02-22 14:34:10.1|Info|Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime|Hosting environment: Production
2024-02-22 14:34:10.1|Info|Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime|Content root path: /app/sonarr/bin
Description of issue:
I recently added a second hard drive to my system and added it as second root folder. From then on, Sonarr would not ever import anything anymore. There are no log entries, nothing. The file just gets removed from the Sonarr queue and then sits there in Sabnzbd’s completed-folder. I’m really irritated because the setup has worked before.

<!--- Additional Information: Debug Log:

If they’re not showing in Sonarr’s queue then Sonarr will never know to import them.

Do they show in SAB’s history?
Sonar’s trace logs will show the response from SAB.

They do show in Sonarr’s queue until SAB reports them as unpacked, then they vanish from Sonarr’s history, but not from SAB. It looks as if Sonarr removes them from the queue because it thinks it has imported them but actually didn’t do any import. It seems to have started working with a few things I added after this started now, in part at least and I have literally no idea why.

If Sonarr imported them then the files would be in the series folder and Sonarr would add a history event for the import.

Is Completed Download Handling enabled in Settings: Download Client? It is by default and needs to be for Sonarr to import, but if it was disabled then completed downloads in SAB would disappear from Sonarr’s queue as soon as it detected they were complete.

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