"No files found eligible for import" - but Plex has already processed and tagged everything correctly

Sonarr version
Mono version
OS Synology DSM 6.2.4-25556:
Debug logs: https://pastebin.com/dFBxL6Qk
Description of issue:

Hope I’ve given the right information. Sonarr has, and is, working absolutely fine and I have no general issues with it … however

I added “Mythic Quest” this morning and did a manual search for a Season 1 pack, which it found. Selected the one i wanted and it downloaded fine.

When I checked the activity queue, I saw the yellow arrow next to each episode and the error window gave me this …

"Downloaded - Waiting to Import


  • No files found are eligible for import in /volume1/video/Downloads/Mythic.Quest.Ravens.Banquet.S01.COMPLETE.1080p.WEB.H264-MIXED[TGx]"

As per the title, Plex has already imported everything and tagged it correctly. It appers to be looking explicitly for the folder “Mythic.Quest.Ravens.Banquet.S01.COMPLETE.1080p.WEB.H264-MIXED[TGx]” so I’m wondering if it’s a post processing issue because the folder on my NAS has been renamed “Mythic Quest”.

It’s not a huge problem, all things considered, seeing as how Plex has correctly tagged everything and I can watch the content, but I wanted to bring it up just in case it was an actual error.

Info logs are useless

Please re-read the gathering logs link provided in the template to provide useful logs

What is renaming and importing the files? If it’s not sonarr, that would be the issue.

Sonarr is renaming and importing the files. I don’t use any other scripts.


In addition to the wiki article baker linked.

Do you have Plex pointed at /volume1/video/Downloads?
Where is Sonarr’s root folder pointed at?
Does that path exist on disk?

Sonarr’s history for these episodes shows the imported file from that folder?
After importing all files Sonarr would mark the download as complete and remove it from it’s queue.

Neither Plex or Sonarr’s root folder should be /volume1/video/Downloads, but if Plex sees the files and Sonarr hasn’t imported them, that would be the case.

I don’t point Plex to the Downloads folder. The way I’ve organised my NAS is to have everything in specific genre folders, so for movies i’ve got things like “Comedy”, “Horror”, “Sci-Fi/Fantasy” e.t.c.

For TV, I’ve got a ‘regular’ “Television” folder for all of the shows I want to keep that I’ve had for years and I’ve also got “Current Television” for, well, current television, which is where Mythic Quest was added.

In Plex, I’ve got various libraries created to point to these folders so in the case of Current Television, that points to /volume1/video/Current Television and this is set as the root folder in Media Management.

The one thing that does point to /volume1/video/Downloads is Download Station on my NAS, as it’s the default download location for it. It’s probably a remenant of me using most of the similar packages over the years from original Sonarr to Sickrage, Sickbeard, Medusa e.t.c… where I’d set the post processing to move everything from the Downloads folder into it’s relevant show folder.

The Downloads folder does exist, still, on the disk to answer that particular question.