No files found are eligible for import, yet again

I know that this topic has been addressed in numerous posts, and I’ve read all of them. They all seem to boil down to “Does the folder exist?” and “Does the folder have the proper permissions?” Unfortunately, these don’t apply in my case.

Why? Because many downloads work just fine; just some get the “No files found are eligible” error. I’ve had whole series that download without a problem, while others consistently get this error. Sometimes I’ve gotten both successes and failures within the same season of the same series (All in the Family is an example).

I have noticed that all the failures have one thing in common. All of them used NZBgeek to locate the file. If or DrunkenSlug was used, the download invariably worked.

I’m using Sonarr, sabnzbd, drunkenslug,, nzbgeek, prowlerr and docker. I just made sure I was updated to the latest version of all of these (which made no difference).

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in the NZBgeek configuration. By the way, the download folder that the error message mentions exists, but it contains only one file, and it’s not a video file. (For example, download folder[DVD][AC3.2.0][x264]-IncestRules contains the 425.27 MB file cmNLt2diIT27ekPy9WAubc.)

Thoughts? Feel free to make fun of me if I’m doing something stupid (it’s a gift).

if the content of the nzb when unpacked is garbage then sonarr wont know what to do with it.

i dont know the code but i would expect sonarr would at least probe every file in the folder to see if it can be parsed for video attributes or not. if its not a video file then its not going to import it.

in that situation what would you want sonarr to do that it isnt already doing now? ie telling you theres a problem with the download it cant handle and you need to sort it out.

Are you on v4?

Yes. Version

rhom, thanks for your reply. What you say would make sense if it happened only occasionally. But it happens only (and apparently always) with NZBgeek and never with any other indexer (at least that I’ve seen, and I’ve experimented with many file/indexer combinations).

As for your statement that “i would expect sonarr would at least probe every file in the folder to see if it can be parsed for video attributes or not,” I found that if I add a “.mkv” extension to the file left in the download folder for failed downloads, the video will play, and sonarr imports it successfully automatically–I don’t even have to do a manual import for the manually-corrected file.

Weirder and weirder. I’d just stop using NZBgeek, but I’ve found that there are a lot of files that only NZBgeek finds. I’d rather resolve this and get it working.