No episode information is available

Mono Version
Running in Docker on Ubuntu 18:

While most series add correctly, I have been seeing a lot of series being added but I receive the “No episode information is available.” message.

I have reinstalled Sonarr, rebooted it, deleted and readded the series to no avail.

Log file:

temp8 temp9 temp10

I would try renaming your files. Looks like currently they are just S##E##, even if they exist in a good directory tree. Try renaming to even just Show Title S##E## (one file as a test to begin with if you want) and see if that helps.

You could also try doing a manual import from within the series. It should pick up unmapped files and you can manually coax the import to complete, which should hopefully then populate the series.

Can you refresh one of the problematic series and see if there is anything in the debug log? Maybe even set it to trace.

Regardless of sonarr recognizing your file format or not (I’m not sure about this), episode information should be visible in the series. It looks like sonarr is not able to reach out to skyhook/tvdb to get that information.

For example I just added Briarpatch in my sonarr:

I appreciate the thought, however since I have no episodes of Muppets Now or DICKTOWN, I doubt my naming scheme is a problem.

Not sure what info you need from the log file, but here is the part about Briarpatch after setting to trace

I was “hoping” there’d be an error or something in there when requesting the series info :confused:
Still really weird that you get absolutely nothing…

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Update you’re on a version that hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years. For series that had TVDB issues (like the ones you’ve listed) old versions of Sonarr will fail to get episode information until after you’re on a recent update.


@markus101 I’m using Sonarr in Docker

From Docker Hub: lsiodev/sonarr-preview:latest
When I clicked “Updates” inside Sonarr it said I was using the most up to date version

Switched to linuxserver/sonarr:preview and all is good! Thank you!!

Omg can’t believe I didn’t notice the version :sweat_smile:

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You? How do you think I feel? :cry:

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