No automatic downloads

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):5.16.0
OS: Unraid Docker
Debug logs:
Description of issue:
No automatic downloading. If I click on automatic search, the episode downloads with SAB and then shows up in Plex. Everything is working except the automatic downloading. Using Usenet, NZBgeek and Any help would be much appreciated.

Your indexers have RSS enabled in sonarr?

hey, thanks for the reply. I just checked and it is enabled for all three indexers.

Are there any recent (e.g. today, yesterday) releases that sonarr should have grabbed but didn’t, while it was running?

This is better explained in the FAQ, specifically question 1 and 2.

yes that is why I noticed it. I have never had it working. I think I read the faq but will check again, just on my phone.

any other suggestions?

Try to reproduce and post logs (don’t copy/paste here, upload them to pastebin or anywhere else as plain text and link them here).

Change sonarr’s log mode to debug to get more detail, then leave it running for a while until you are sure it should have grabbed a particular release.
Check with manual search as explained in the FAQ (recent release, no red exclamation mark, …). Check what you can find about that particular release in the logs, e.g. there should be an RSS sync, sonarr parsing the results, and for some reason rejecting it? Or something goes wrong trying to fetch it from the indexer and sending it to your download client?

thanks for the advice, will do.

had one thing grab automatically i think. it’s weird as it seems the time is 3 hours off even though the server is set to the right time. Something else is weird, i added a bunch of shows that i don’t even watch just to test. is it normal for them to take a whole day to not even be available? i tried one, then did a manual search hours later and it still isnt there.

just trying to figure out pastebin, my text seems like it is too big to upload.

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