Nice new forums

Nice new forums - thanks guys.

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Lovely new forums, alot easier to navigate now.

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New Yes, Lovely Yes, Easier to Navigate Hmmm maybe after some of us get a little use to it LOL :smile:

I gotta try and work out where all the little features are :smile:

looks great i dig it

yeah after looking around a bit i do agree i especially enjoy the Like button an easy way to show someone their reply was useful and good for me i can flag Spam posts a bit easier than before there is already a preset option I HATE SPAM Grrrr :wink:

If I had one criticism is perhaps some more contrast between the background and the foreground just being all white seems a little washed out IDK maybe just me :blush:

Definitely needs some love in the theme department. I’m glad we have a place to start though. Spam filtering should be much better, especially since its more community driven, a couple reports and it will get cleaned up automatically.

That’s good to hear, screw those spammers :smile:

Yes a big improvement

A big improvement indeed, though I’d be very happy if the enormous sheet of white that serves as a background now would get replaced by something less harmful to the eyes on a dark night. :smile:

That would be lovely :smiley: