NFS/Sonarr/Ubuntu - Manual Import Fails

Package Version 3.0.3
Mono Version:
AppData directory: /var/lib/sonarr
Startup directory: /usr/lib/sonarr/bin
Mode: Console
Uptime: 9:47

Description of issue:
Created a new Ubuntu VM to run the new Sonarr 3.0 (GREAT JOB BTW) from my previous 2.x version. Everything “seems” to work OK, except when trying to Import manual downloaded episodes of shows. Same configuration as the previous 2.X, nothing has changed - just a new VM. Users are setup the same way (I believe).

I have an NFS Mount to a volumes on my QNAP NAS 18T 15T 2.8T 85% /mnt/nas01

Permissions are full across the board, from the NFS Setup on the NAS. (Same as before, nothing changed)

drwxrwxrwx 12 edc edc 4096 Sep 15 14:45 Downloads
drwxrwxrwx 18 root root 4096 Sep 8 09:41 Plex

FSTAB has /mnt/nas01 nfs nfsvers=4,defaults 0 0
which used to have noexec, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

If I watch the NAS and file opertions, I see that Sonarr is trying to copy the files to the /Plex subdirectories and then the new files “disappear” leaving the originals in the /Downloads directory in place. I would assume this is a permissions issue, however the NFS extent is full permissions, which worked in the past and nothing has changed there.

Can you point me in the right direction assuming this may be a permissions issue?

Thanks team - and GREAT WORK BTW on the Application - LOVE IT!


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