Newznab Windows

Can anyone tell me where i can get my API and URL from on Newznab? I’m using windows OS

im presuming you can at least login to your newznab site?

if not then or http://yourhostname should work (it uses port 80 by default so if you have it on a host that already has a web server then youll need to change one of them)

your api key is on the profile page once you have logged into newznab

the url is the same url you use to access the web site
the api path is the default /api

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I just realised i was on the wrong site “” so how do i get an invite for Newznab?

sorry, have you built your own local newznab indexer site or are you looking for one that already exists that you can use?

most of the existing ones require you to pay them to use, and an invite (which i dont have) to even access them to begin with.

you can ask on reddit for an invite but they are typically traded (as you dont get a lot), or google to find a public accessible one

I haven’t actually built one I just visited that site i quoted thinking it was an existing indexer site.

So i guess it’s going to be pretty tricky finding an invite, thank you for the info buddy!

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