Newbie: Using Nzb Geek with Sonarr

**Sonarr version


I am attempting to help my father find media.
He is recuperating from an operation.
I am new to this.

Googling around we now own Newsbin Pro.
I bought a lifetime to NzbGeek.
I have learned to generate .nzb and import them into Newsbin pro for download.
So far so good till recently.

Nzbgeek recently came back and I noted that they will no longer be supporting TV and movie searches which is what we use geek for.
Geek suggested using Sonarr.

Trying to use Sonaar I am asked to enter a download client but nzbgeek is not available as a choice–I see nzbget, nzbvortex etc–geek in not available as a selection.
How do I add nzbgeek as a download client?

Nzbgeek is an indexer, not a download client.

If you’re using newsbin, you can configure it as a SABnzbd download client:

I’m not sure how useful that will be, most people run SABnzbd or NZBget with Sonarr/Radarr/etc.

Thank you for your help.
I will install these suggestions when I see my father after the storm up here in the NE passes.
My gratitude speaks.

You might want to check back with NZBGeek. Search is now available, used it this morning.