Newbie questions - foreign shows?


I wonder is it possible to use sonarr for foreign, say Russian shows ?

I saw some info related to this, but not even sure how to install a plugin for sonarr.

Thx in advance!


It kinda works, but the show needs an english entry on

Not sure about that flexget plugin, as far as I can tell you can use it to manage sonarr from within flexget. So you’d run into the same issue. For a show to be able to be added to sonarr, an english entry needs to exist on thetvdb.



How do I setup in sonarr?


You don’t,
It already makes use of it


But sonarr does not seem to be able to find a show say in Russian even tho it can be found via

Is it sonarr shortcoming ?


Is there English Metadata for it as @Thirrian asked? Have you read the FAQ? (this is also mentioned there).



I think there is.
If I search for Мажор , I can fins it in

But not in sonarr if I use Russian, in English as Major it works.


You didn’t read the FAQ


So there’s only a Russian Title for it.



It seems to be a good feature to consider for future.


Also interesting that both English and Russian records refer to the same ID