New v3 Install Thinks Old Downloads Have Failed Import

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian 10.3
Debug logs:

Description of issue: This is a new install of Sonarr v3, I’ve been running Sonarr for years now, and I’m importing my existing library into the new Sonarr install. Even though the file exists on the server, it is still asking NZBGet for status of a download from weeks ago, and since it’s already been downloaded and imported (and nzbget says it was a success,) the download directory no longer exists and it thinks there’s an error with the import.

If I tell it to manually remove the download from the queue, and rescan the directory, it temporarily sees the file on disk but it’s quickly seen as a failed import again. After a few rounds of deletes while watching the logs, when I delete the download from the queue now, I get a creature error (TypeError: Cannot read property ‘quality’ of undefined) which goes away on a refresh but it quickly goes back to a set of any number of dozens of imports it thinks are failed. Please let me know if you need any more info/screenshots/etc.

Update Sonarr, you’re on an old version.

Don’t post a snippet of debug logs inline, upload them and link them here.

Changed repo to buster-develop, installed, the issues still persists.

If I’m manually importing a show, and all files exist, and nzbget isn’t actively downloading something new, and has it marked as good in the history, I wouldn’t expect Sonarr to pull the history, think it has shows to import and try to force an Import for a file that already exist. Is my only option at this point to Blacklist that release?

Sorry about the logs.

You can’t have it use the history and not use the history at the same time. The only way to reconcile that it has or hasn’t imported it is based on Sonarr’s history.

Remove it from NZBget’s history or change the category that Sonarr uses to with NZBget. If there are older items in NZBget’s history that Sonarr isn’t aware that it imported then it’s going to keep complaining about new things as you remove things.

no, its just asking for a list of active jobs. if nzbget is returning a job then its still considered active in nzbget and has the “sonarr” category set on it.

if youve left all the previously completed jobs in there then they are still “active” from nzbgets point of view, so they get returned.

you need to clear them out of the nzbget history unless you have some requirement to keep that? if you do need to keep them then you will need to manually reset their category to something else (probably the default) so that sonarr no longer sees them as its jobs.

the other option as mentioned by markus is to change the category that is set in sonarrs download client entry for nzbget to something else so it no longer sees the old jobs as sonarr related and will ignore them.

future stuff will be fine as sonarr will track all the new imports from that download client and know that the job has already been imported but you should probably consider enabling the sonarr option to delete the job from the download clients history (once completed/imported) so you dont run into this again (if you dont need to keep that history)

Alrighty, I see your point. I made a new category and the issue went away. We can close this out. Thank you!

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