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I am new to sonarr so please bear with me. I searched the forums and did not find any answers. I have sonarr hooked up to a well known private tracker for tv and it is not downloading any new episodes. If i search for older episodes, and request, it downloads within seconds. I have my RSS interval set to 15 minutes.

The logs are included in the pastebin link above. I am specifically trying to download Barry and The Twilight Zone. If I manually search for these new episodes in the UI, they find them and download them. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

Edit- Here is the most recent update as the episodes were just posted.

It says ‘DownloadDecisionMaker: Processing 2 releases’ but nothing is ever downloaded.

Look at the debug logs, unless the release your expecting Sonarr to grab is actually on the RSS feed Sonarr won’t be able to grab it, a search on the other hand looks specifically for the episode you searched for.

I believe the second pastebin I posted is a better reference. I looked on my tracker and I saw that 2 episodes had been posted and then in the next RSS update, it went through the ‘DownloadDecisionMaker: Processing 2 releases’ stage. I believe it failed there. On the tracker, exactly 2 episodes had just been posted matching the episode.

The second pastebin doesn’t show anything other than it processed 100 releases and you did a search (which I don’t see complete in those logs).

The debug logs that were requested when you opened this thread and again by me will show you every release Sonarr processed during the RSS Sync and is the only way to see why something wasn’t grabbed.

My bad- Here are the debug logs . They were not enabled until now so I am unsure if they will include the error. I might have to wait until the next time it fails, correct?

Yes, you’ll need to wait until the next time Sonarr misses something from the RSS feed. We’ll need to know which release you expected Sonarr to grab. I had to upload the file as it was too big for pastebin. It did not work for The Twilight Zone. It said the release was accepted at the bottom but nothing ever downloaded. I was aiming for the 720p version. On a sidenote, a release for Star Trek managed to download last night so that is a positive.

The logs from the search aren’t useful in determining exactly why Sonarr didn’t grab a release from the RSS feed, we’d need to see the logs from the RSS Sync that had that item present to see why it was rejected.

The issue could be due to the series or episode not being monitored, since those are ignored when you explicitly search for an episode.

The above logs were the debug logs you asked for. I am monitoring these series and the logs explicitly state that they found some matches and were parsing qualities, etc. I am not sure what you mean for the RSS logs. I tried looking in the wiki on how to provide but I did not find anything of use. If you do not wish to download the file and read, I can condense the logs into something smaller for pastebin.

They cover part of an RSS Sync, but not one with the relevant logs. The only releases for The Twilight Zone come from the search, there is nothing in there for Barry.

RSS Sync happens every 15 minutes by default, you’d need to find the relevant logs that contain a release you expect Sonarr to grab in a previous log file (during an RSS Sync, not a search). It’s not going to be the latest log file unless you happen to catch it immediately after it’s been posted.

Thanks. I will be more proactive for the next go around. I appreciate your help in all of this. I just sshed into my server and went into the sonarr directory. While file contains the relevant rss logs?

There isn’t a separate log file that will, any debug log file will.

Barry automatically downloaded this time. I can provide the logs if you want but they will just so as a success. Thanks again for your help. I’ll come back if I have any more issues this week but for now I think we can mark this as closed.

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I got a legit error this time. Looks like it got rejected because it did not have enough seeders? Here is the error for The Twilight Zone.

That explains it then, the feed reported zero seeders, even if there was actually one or more. You could change the minimum to 0 if this is a regular occurrence.

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