New shows don't download due to duration not yet set on


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The error is something like “1.3 GB is larger than maximum allowed 0 B (for 0min)”
Looks like before the Runtime field is set on the tvdb, it counts as 0min? Can this be ignored cause realistically shows can’t be with 0min duration? Of course it’s usually fixed quicker for more popular shows and I may not even notice the issue, but others I have to edit myself, and it seems it would be more logical if this “check” was just ignored for the shows with missing or 0 duration.


Rejecting because the runtime is unknown (which seems pretty rare and easily fixable) seems better than potentially grabbing a massive release (or a massively undersized one).

No plans to change this behaviour, it’s one of those cases where Sonarr is only as good as the metadata is.


how about an option for default duration when its missing with drop down options for 0/30/45/60 minutes?

0 (default) would leave it functionally as it is now and require the metadata to be corrected, the others would allow it to work regardless, and the metadata will hopefully/eventually be corrected.

i like having more options but not everyone does.


We’re not going to add an option for that, this issue isn’t widespread and not worth the effort to implement and support such an option.

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