New Show "The Great" - Sonarr v3.0.3.809. Search results in a lot of unrelated shows and sometimes no episodes were i can find them on my nzb indexer

Windows 10

When searching for episodes for a new show called “The Great”, i found that sonarr had difficulty in automatically gettings search results for episodes 3-4 and 8-10. When I manually searched in sonarr, i found a massive list of unrelated shows with the text “The Great” somewhere in the title. The quality i wanted (1080p) was not listed in the manual search, however i was able to find them when i searched directly with my indexer.

Downloading Feed,5040&extended=1&apikey=(removed)&offset=0&limit=100&tvdbid=369301&season=1&ep=3

the indexer returned no results for that query. You can try it yourself in the browser, just need to copy in the index apikey.

Its not my query, its the query that sonarr ran to retrieve those results. I haven’t the foggiest how sonarr works, all i know is that I have added a show called “The Great”, and it has not found all the episodes for series 1 automatically, and doesnt find 1080p versions if i select the manual search option. If i log into myself and search for “The Great S01E03”, i get those results, and all the other none relevant results containing “The Great”

… its the query that sonarr ran to retrieve those results.

Exactly, and nzbgeek is not returning results for it. Could be a mismatch in category (unlikely), or that nzbgeek doesn’t have the right tvdb id associated with the releases.

Sonarr searches by tvdbid, season and episode number. If there are no results, then it often tries to do a title-based search, which of course can yield unrelated results.
You can see that happening in the log you posted.

Regardless of that, nzbgeek is not returning any results for the regular query.

Again, i dont know anything about the inner working of sonarr, however i did have a similar issue in plex. I had to switch it to “The Movie Database” to get any metadata.

i have checked with the thetvdb and 369301 is the correct id.

Yes, but check on nzbgeek if those releases are actually associated with the same tvdb id.
If not, then you need to contact them to have it associated.