New show. Dont find in tvbd


i try create / import tvshow but sonarr dont find the tvshow
i try by name or by tvdb:id but sonarr dont find anything
the show is tvdb:249853
what is the problem?

Mono Version


It doesn’t look like there is English metadata on TheTVDB, this is covered in the FAQ.


Why can’t I add a new series when I know the TVDB ID?
Sonarr cannot add any series that does not have an English language title

Oh. Is it a future option (other languages)?


That’s the plan, but it’s more complicated than just opening up the metadata for it.


How medusa do with tvmbd?
And I think (the language) is too a crítica problem for media management (rename in other languages), because, sonarr Dont take any of the tvshows i have download with jackett,
I dont know why

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