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I’m having trouble understanding what the log is telling me is wrong. When ever I add a new series I get status “All indexers are unavailable due to failures” and I see the following in the logs. I have Sonarr setup to point to nzbhydra as its only indexer. Is this issue between Sonarr and hydra or Sonarr and one of the indexers?

I could only post some of my logs, apparently pastebin thinks sonarr logs are inappropriate content :slight_smile:

Logs are pretty clear

21-4-18 09:18:40.2|Error|Nzbget|API Grab Limit reached for

This is why having hydra as a single entry in Sonarr is as problematic as jackett’s /all endpoint.

1 indexer; 1 entry, always.

I wanted to be sure as I don’t see hydra having an API limit (at least I can’t find where to set that in any configuration).

The issue is not hydra; it is your usenet indexer, you’re out of grabs for one or more of your indexers and given you’ve setup hydra as a singular indexer in sonarr if one indexer fails every indexer fails.

the singular entry for hydra should not be used as it is the same reason why /all for Jackett should not be used.

Within Hydra you can set api hit and grab thresholds for each indexer

I don’t know what Jackett is so not sure how that relates, or even what that means. What is the proper setup?

The proper setup as stated before is one indexer, one entry in sonarr.

(Hydra “multiple” or ~ if you have hydra push to sonarr)

Not many indexers one entry in sonarr
(Hydra “single” if you have hydra push to sonarr)

I appreciate you trying to help, but I truly can’t follow what your saying. If you have a link to a guide or whitepaper for setup I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ve validated my indexers have unlimited APIs and have checked hydra to make sure I didn’t miss configure an API setting somewhere. Next time I add a full new series I’ll enable debug logs maybe that can help point out the root problem

The logs don’t lie, you clearly have a api limit on grabs. And I don’t know of any usenet indexers that have unlimited searches and unlimited grabs.

Thanks for the link I’ll read through that this afternoon. For reference geek has no API limit for VIG (paid membership).