New Main Release - v3.0.6.1342

Related Announcements

  • New and Improved Servarr Wiki using WikiJs has been released. A huge thanks to the contributors that have worked on the monumental conversion from Mediawiki. Please note that while most of the content is populated, efforts continue and contributions are welcome.
  • Not Sonarr specific - Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate expired. As such your host systems may need updating or certstores needing refreshing. More information from LE can be found in their post here. If you encounter any SSL cert errors when accessing indexers this is likely the cause.

Release Notes

  • New: Updated TheXEM server url on xem admin request
  • New: Renamed Blacklist to Blocklist
  • New: Bulgarian language support
  • New: Add TVDB URL in Kodi metadata
  • New: Aria2 Torrent Client
  • New: Renaming token for Preferred Words from specific Release Profiles
  • New: Add tag support to indexers
  • New: Add Size column to Activity: Queue
  • New: Added Running Years into the shows details
  • New: Activity Queue: Rename Timeleft column to Time Left
  • New: Manual Import rejection column is sortable
  • New: Disable autocomplete of port number
  • New: Change Today color in calendar for better visibility
  • Fixed: Parsing multi-episode file name with number in episode title
  • Fixed: Removing completed downloads from Aria2
  • Fixed: Return correct path for Aria2 downloads in a job folder
  • Fixed: Seeding torrents in Aria2 are treated as finished downloading
  • Fixed: Parsing of some anime with standard numbers
  • Fixed: Parsing of some multi-episode titles
  • Fixed: Unmonitor episodes after using Manual File Import
  • Fixed: Log active indexers instead of implying all indexers are searched
  • Fixed: Queue conflicts with the same download in multiple clients
  • Fixed: Updated Anime batch parsing for certain release groups
  • Fixed: Help message when adding download clients
  • Fixed: Release Push api broken when no indexer id is specified
  • Fixed: Blocklisting pending releases
  • Fixed: Cleanup of unused tags for Import lists.
  • Fixed: Improve More Info links for Indexers, download clients, etc
  • Fixed: Parse endpoint response when title failed to parse
  • Fixed: Prevent conflicts with reserved device names
  • Fixed: Updated supported wiki links
  • Fixed: Updated wiki links
  • Fixed: Incorrectly Parsing [PublicHD] as Release Group
  • Fixed: Show error if adding root folder fails
  • Fixed: Peers filtering in Interactive Search results
  • Fixed: Monitoring pilot episode will not monitor first season
  • Fixed: Parsing of some anime releases with year in title
  • Fixed: Parsing of some Chinese anime releases without brackets
  • Fixed: Incorrectly parsing RePACKPOST as Group
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the new Download Station API
  • Fixed: Bumped mono workaround version from 6.10 to 7.x for btls trust chain coz they still haven’t fixed it after over a year
  • Fixed: Parsing of quality when release group contains Remux" changes"