New File Instead of Episode Renaming

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Debug logs:

I am using sonarr v3 + google-drive-ocamlfuse. Sonarr will download files to a local disk, then move it to the mounted google drive folder where it would upload. This worked almost perfectly before (a small issue described later), but now whenever sonarr renames a file it first downloads it again, creates a copy, and uploads it again.

Download file
Move (upload) it to the mounted folder with .partial~ (sonarr hangs while file is uploading)
Instantly rename to remove “.partial~”

Download file
Move (upload) it to the mounted folder with .partial~ (sonarr hangs while file is uploading)
Make a copy of the just uploaded file without “.partial~” (aka download it, sonarr still frozen)
Reupload it with no temporary extension (sonarr hangs still)
Delete first copied file with “.partial~”

The setup still works, but it’s using a lot of extra resources especially with season packs. Even when renaming an existing file it will make a copy with the name changed which prompts a download/re-upload. Really long for bulk renaming.

Lastly, the tiny issue I mentioned before, because of the .partial~ extension, the mime type was always being sent as “application/octet-stream”, instead of “video/x-matroska” meaning google drive wouldn’t convert the video to be watchable on phones and stuff. Now, because it reuploads it, it kinda fixes the issue, but it’s not worth the upload again to rename.

I don’t know if sonarr changed the way it renames, or google changed something but I did try to:

  • Downgrade google-drive-ocamlfuse a few different versions (did not help)
  • Rename with ubuntu nautilus (instant, no reupload this way)
  • Rename with mv command in terminal (instant, no reupload this way)

Apologies if this was excessively long. I tried to rename an episode of Simpsons in trace log included. Thank you for your time!

If Sonarr needs to import files to a different mount, it won’t move directly, a copy will be made and once Sonarr verifies the files hasn’t been truncated it will delete the original.

If the source and destination are on the same disk, but mounted to different volumes (common with different mounts in docker containers) then Sonarr will copy instead of move.

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Thank you for the reply. Ignoring everything else, Sonarr should be renaming existing files in the media folders without creating a renamed copy and deleting the original, right? I’ve tried mounting to different drives and using RClone mount, but still it will download, copy-rename, delete. Anyway I could fix that, or maybe some better way to integrate into GDrive?

Yeah, the debug logs should show that’s it’s moving the file.

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