Network Error (tcp_error)

Sonarr version (exact version): 5.6.3
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
((Debug logs)): SonarQube is working with localhost so no error in log file
(Make sure debug logging is enabled in settings and post the full log to hastebin/pastebin/dropbox/google drive or something similar, do not post them directly here)
Description of issue: I have SonarQube installed in VM having windows server 2012 r2 installed, i was able to launch the SonarQube with the VM ip outside VM, but as i configured SonarQube with SQL Server, i can access SonarQube using “localhost:9000” url in the VM but if i am trying to access SonarQube with local ip address in the VM i am getting Network Error tcp_error. Kindly let me know your valuable opinion on the same.

SonarQube is a different application, you’ll have to contact them for assistance.

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