Need help restoring backup

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology DSM 6.2

logs: i don’t have anything to show as i reinstalled sonarr.

hello, i can’t seem to get sonarr to restore from a backup.
i followed the guide to do a restore, but nothing seems to work.

Restore for Synology NAS

CAUTION: Restoring on a Synology requires knowledge of Linux and Root SSH access to the Synology Device.

Re-install Sonarr

Run Sonarr once to get the AppData directory location

Stop Sonarr

Connect to the Synology NAS through SSH and log in as root

Execute the following commands:

rm -r /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/nzbdrone.db*
cp -f /tmp/nzbdrone_backup/* /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/
Update permissions on the files:

cd /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/
chown -R nzbdrone:users *
chmod -R 0644 *
On some installations, the user is different: chown -R sc-nzbdrone:nzbdrone *

Start Sonarr

The first thing to do would be start Sonarr, then check the AppData Directory in System: Info, that’ll be where nzbdrone.db is. If it’s not /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone then you’ll need to adjust those commands accordingly.

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