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OS: Win10 64
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Description of issue: Just wondering if there is or can be an option to drop the HDTV/WEBDL from files names and use something like this: See - S01E04 - The River (1080p h264 - ac3 6ch). Thanks

If you want to display the quality in the filename, but not the source, you could add in “settings -> Profiles - Release Profiles” a profile where you add 720p, 1080p, etc. with a score of 0 (that it don’t change priority), and select “Include Preffered when Renaming”.

Then you can add the {Preferred Words} to your naming format and it will add the quality to the filename, without the source of the material.

But I would recommend you, to allways use the full quality in the filename. This can save you a lot of time if you need to manually import those files again at a later time. If Sonarr would completly Crash, you don’t have backups and need to manually import those files again, Sonarr would import those as HDTV, because it has no other informations.

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So am I to take it that this is something that cannot be done or will not be added in the future?

It is something that can be done. Solution is in my previous post.

I was hoping for something that could be used in the naming not creating filters that are temporary. Or am I reading your method incorrectly? You mentioned backups. If I backup Sonarr then restore, will it add the profiles I created back? If so, that’ll work for me.

One suggestion is to use preferred words, which aren’t filters and would work or use the Quality settings to change how Sonarr renames things.

Seems the preferred words will do what I’m looking for. thanks

My point is this is exactly what quality settings are for

Thank you. Does quality allow two titles to be the same? It seems if I title 720 Webdl and 720 Webrip to just 720p, I can’t save that. Maybe better to just use Preferred words? Thanks.

I didn’t realize, but yes, the title is supposed to be unique, preferred words is indeed the way to do it then.

Thanks…That’s the route I’ll go.

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