Multiple TV Shows with same name (Different Years)

Just upgraded to v4 and had some issues so I just created a new instance (old one was removed) on my QNAP (Running via Docker). When trying to library import a TV Show that has the same name as a currently existing one, but has a different year. I am getting “Title slug ‘perry-mason’ is in use by series ‘Perry Mason’. Check the FAQ for more information”. Each series use the following naming scheme: “Series Title (Year) (TvdbId)”. I am not sure how to proceed so that both series are in Sonarr. I do have other TV shows that are same name with a different year (ie: The Flash both the 90s and 2014 alongside Fantasy Island) those don’t have the same issue.

This needs to be fixed on
There are indeed 2 shows with the same name, and the rule is that the original is just named “Show” and newer ones “Show (year)” on thetvdb.

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