Multiple Tags - Ignores not processed?

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OS: Synology
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I have tags on release profiles.
One is my generic “anime” Preference, and I have another to ignore x264 releases.
When I do an interactive search, I get “ignores” from the anime tag, stating that has been ignored because of ‘x’ search term… All g there.
The “no-x264” release preference tag does not appear to trigger this ignore however.
If I disable the anime tag, it does. If I also add a negative preference expression to this tag for the same no x264 expression, it is applied in conjunction with the anime tag preferences.
Finally I tested the expression in the anime release profiles and it informed me that the particular releases were ignored due to both the release group expression and the x264 expression.

I understand I could just add the expression to the anime tag, but there are a lot of older releases that won’t have x265, so don’t want to block it overall, just for newer releases.

I guess I just want to know if this is a bug (not working or just not showing - using chrome on Android to administer) or if you cannot have ignores from 2 profiles on 2 tags on one series. As stated above, the expression works, I have the negative preference from base, anime and no-x264 tags all added together, and shows the ignore if the anime tag is not present.

Any information is appreciated.

And don’t @ me about x265, all my devices support it, and I prefer the file size savings, and have checked several sxs and see little difference :smiley:

Please post the relevant logs and link them here, screenshots of your release profiles will also be helpful.