Multiple Rejection Reasons


I am creating a script to add any unknown series by Sonarr based on the rejection reason from the Push API. I currently check whether the rejection list has the reason “Unknown series” and then add the corresponding series via the TVDB ID from the source of the release.

However, for a couple of unknown series, it’s giving the reason as " matches an alias for series with TVDB ID: " instead of (or along with) “Unknown Series”.

Is there any reason why it’s giving that and can the “Unknown Series” reason be also added to the rejection list along with it?

That means it’s being linked to a series in your library, but the name matches a known alias, so it’s probably not the series it’s been linked to, possibly due to similar names or the indexer provided a TVDB ID.

Unknown series means it didn’t match to a series at all, so not the same thing and the alias rejection is not going to also get Unknown series as a reason.

Thanks for the clarification.

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