Multiple Plex libraries?

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OS: Synology NAS - DSM 7.1-42661 Update 3
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First and foremost, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the work the communities have put together in building out the *arr packages and their integration!

I’m not sure I have an ‘issue’ per se, it could be more a ‘feature request’?

I thought I’d start here though, as I can’t seem to figure out if this is something Sonarr already can do and I just can’t configure/setup it up as is…BUT, I think Sonarr (and Radarr as an extension) are certainly central to the solution…and already contain much of (all of?) the capabilities I’m searching for!

Before I bought my NAS, got into containers and the *arr ecosystem, I had a workable ‘self-serve’ system in place for friends and family to grab their own TV shows of interest.

I would create individual Plex libraries for each user and I had my family members give me their own custom RSS feeds from

qBittorrent would then monitor and download shows from their RSS feed and download, using RSS rules, into the appropriate Plex folder and Plex would then make it available in their Library. It caused some file duplication when we all liked the same show, but overall it worked.

Due to more than a few hardware failures, I bought my first NAS and started the journey and deep dive into containers!

For reference, most of my setup came from the following guide:

I’m currently running Sonarr, Lidarr, Radarr, Prowlarr, Overseerr, Plex, qBittorrent, SABNzb, NordVPN…and probably a few other odds and ends :wink:

I have the following volumes setup:





Plex maps TV Show library to /volume1/data/media/TV and Movies to /Movies

qBittorrent downloads to /downloads, using the appropriate Sonarr/Radarr tags (TV or Movie) and then Sonarr and Radarr rename and hardlink the completed files from /downloads into /media (as all the *arr apps share the same root mount /data. Removing the original seeded file after I’ve completed seeding them and leaving my Plex library intact.

Where things get different, at least for me now, is when I went down the ‘self-serve request’ automation route with Overseerr laugh

Now my Plex users (family mostly) who I want to allow the same capability as showrss, but with movies too now, have all their requests going into my main Plex library!

Given we often have VASTLY different tastes in TV and movies, I’d rather NOT have their requests going into my main Plex library.

What I’d like to see if possible, would be the following:

Grandma requests “Downtown Abbey” (in Overseer or TBD), and Sonarr works it’s magic. Torrent finds the file(s), notifies Sonarr and Sonarr exposes it (ideally using hardlinks) into the /media folder that Plex monitors for the Grandma library.

i.e. /volume1/data/download/tv à /volume1/data/media/GrandMa/TV

Then I create a Plex library, shared with user Grandma, that maps to Grandma/TV folder

Stretch goal…when all my family DO like the same show…like “Booze Traveler” (go go granny!), if the hardlinks could be exposed in EACH Plex Library…all at once!

i.e. /volume1/data/download/tv à /volume1/data/media/Grandma/TV & /volume1/data/media/Personal/TV & /volume1/data/media/MyBrother/TV & /volume1/data/media/Neighbor/TV

Look forward to hearing if anyone has any suggestions, or options I can dig into

create a root folder for each user and then assign each user their own root folder.

you’ll also want a common one for series that are requested by all / multiple and can manually move those series.

plex has nothing to do with any of this.

what you want can never be done in sonarr as sonarr has no idea who requested anything

Thanks for the response!

I’ve continued digging…sounds like others have gotten the custom user script option of Sonarr ‘close’ to what I’m looking at! :slight_smile:

I’m attempting to script something now that is called after Import, that will create links in alternate folders…with regards to ‘sonarr has no idea who requested anything’…I’m attempting to use tags to ‘identify’ who has requested what…so I’ll see what traction I can get there…been MANY years since I’ve developed anything though…and bash scripting was not the language I was last developing in! laugh

So far, it MIGHT work…would love it others (from this forum) who had asked similar questions got further, or got their own custom scripts working and could share though!