Multiple File Locations

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows Server 2016
Description of issue: Below…

So I have a scenario where I have 3 file locations running on Windows. One is the main location and the other 2 are what you might consider ‘archive’ locations as follows.

• c:\tv > a symbolic link pointing to a local NAS
• g:\tv > archived tv in Google Workspace connected via RaiDrive
• w:\tv > archived tv in Wasabi connected via RaiDrive

I removed running Sonarr as a service to try to accomplish my objective which is to make Sonarr aware of all 3 file paths and I can add the paths with no problem.
My questions are as follows…

• Shouldn’t all root folders be scanned and populated in Sonarr? I’m not seeing the shows in g:\tv and w:\tv showing up despite scanning them. The RaiDrive configuration is treating these disks as ‘local’
• If I have a show which starts out in c:\tv and I later move to w:\tv, is there a simple way for these files to be ‘updated’ as far as Sonarr is concerned? I find if I move the file, the path never changes and Sonarr tries to go out and fetch another copy of the moved title. I’m trying to avoid having to change the path manually or remove/rescan the movie for one. I know there is a setting to ensure it won’t redownload if it vanishes but technically it isn’t vanishing, just moving from one location to another.

It would really be nice to know if this is possible and/or what I’m doing wrong.

See the QuickStart guide to understand how sonarr works.

Sonarr does not automatically add series from the root folder nor does anything says it does. You need to library import the existing library

The second part is explained on the FAQ for moving folders

Thanks…I think I have it figured out for the import and any manual file relocation tasks.