Multi System Shared Indexer db

Just thought of this idea. No idea if it’s been discussed, but had to write it down just in case it’s useful and I don’t forget it. Instead of every product made by the community (Sonarr, radarr, lidarr, etc…) having their own Indexer information, maybe create a shared system for keeping track of your indexers. I don’t know if this needs to be inside of (Sab, nzbget, etc…) Or if it should be in this system and share between. Create one master index list and point everything to that list. Then as you stand up a new application, you can just point to the Indexer list.

You can do that with Jackett and NZBHyrda, though we don’t recommend aggregated indexers because they end up breaking paging because they hit page limits more quickly in Sonarr.

Wouldn’t the amount of searching be the same though? It’s still the same search for what ever files you want, just consolidated indexers. Wouldn’t seem like that should happen. :confused:

To Sonarr yes, but neither Jackett or NZBHydra handle paging of RSS or results well when aggregated.

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