Multi-Season Support

I know I’ve read that this isn’t supported? But could it be considered as pretty sure in fact certain I’m not the only one who would like it. For a lot of older shows, multi-season is the only way to get them.

And if you are still adamant to not support them or at least consider it if others back that they would want it, what is the reason why you won’t. Seems a no brainer to me.

No plans

I understand that was the case back in 2020, but we’re 18 months on now. And it still doesn’t give an explanation on why a feature which would benefit everyone is just skipped over and ignored.

Plans have not changed.


  • the to do list - including bugs - is long
  • dev time is limited
  • easily worked around with a few Manual Imports

Would you be willing for it to go in if someone else was to work on it? As saying a few manual imports works round it, really simplifies the issue, as the whole reason for Sonarr and radarr etc is to automate the downloading and processing of the media. And it isn’t just the imports, there’s the fact they aren’t auto-grabbed because of not being supported, so you have to manually search for them as well.

“Complete” or otherwise ambiguous packs no.

Multi season possibly.

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