Moving Sonarr to Seedbox (Windows10 to Linux)

No need for versions info as this is a theoretical question with no bug being reported

Time to retire my Windows machine and after calculating electricity costs here in Spain it makes just as much as sense to pay €12/mo as it does to run to move to NAS considering the specs and bandwidth.

That being said I need to “move” or “recreate” Sonarr on the Linux Seedbox so the question is what’s the least painful way for me to go about this?

I understand there are two methods:

Upload my desired folder/file structure up to the host
Manually configure Sonarr.
Have Sonarr scan the libraries create each series
Use season pass and series editor to make adjustments

Export Sonarr config
Edit paths in db editor
Adjust some other settings

I’m leaning heavily towards a clean install and setting up on the Seedbox. i’d much rather spend an hour reading documentation than 2 days browsing the for debugging options.

Does the series import work flawlessly?

Is there another migration option that I’m not aware of?

In v3 it should be pretty painless.

The only other option would be to edit the DB manually and update the paths for series, episodes, etc. Not an official recommendation, but others have done it succesfully.


Is the scanning feature bulletproof? Does it do the job well and fast?