Moving from Sabnzbd to Sonarr file management

**Sonarr version
OS: DSM 7.2
Description of issue:
Hi guys, grateful for your help here. Been using Usenet for a few weeks now and had started off with letting Sabnzbd handling completed file management, renaming, etc. However, I understand Sonarr is better suited to this and I have encountered a couple of issues with Sab’s sorting. I’ve followed a few topics and the wiki to try and get Sonarr to manage files properly but I’m struggling.

After I made the config changes, TV episodes are currently being stored in the parent directory rather than the TV sub-folder. A few screenshot attached to help. Grateful for your advice - I’m probably being dumb!

You’re mixing downloads (unsorted, handled by sab) with your sonarr root folder (sorted, renamed and managed by sonarr) with those paths, looks like.

Take a look at the suggested folder structure here, and see if it “clicks”: Docker - TRaSH Guides
(ignore the docker part)

From using Synology I’d say just create /volume1/data and then see link above for the rest of the folders (skip what you don’t use), and update the config in sab and sonarr to use the correct paths…

Thanks Thirrian, appreciate your help. I took your advice, created the folder structure as per the TRaSH guide, updated Sab and Sonarr (screenshots attached). I’ve moved my media into the data/media/tv path and as a test updated the Taskmaster series on Sonarr with the new filepath before downloading prompting an episode download through Sonarr, but I still have the same problem. I’m sure I’m missing something so simple here! TIA.

Correction, I think it’s working now. Thanks :blush:

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Not sure if your screenshot with sab categories is cut off or not, but it’s advisable to create one for sonarr. Otherwise sonarr looks at all downloads in sab without a category to see if there’s anything to import, which may include non-tv downloads.

Keeping with the theme: call it tv, set it to download to the tv directory (if I recall, just enter tv in the “folder/path” field, it will be treated as a subdirectory of the completed download folder path in the previous screenshot, I may be wrong).

In sonarr go to your downloaders > sab configuration, and set the category to tv as well.

Now, when sonarr tells sab to download something, the completed download should end up in the usenet/complete/tv subdirectory before sonarr picks it up and sorts it, and the sonarr queue will only show downloads which sonarr initiated.

(repeat steps for radarr with movies category and other *arr apps you may use)

The Sab category list is in full on the screenshot. I’d removed the tv ones during my desperate attempts to get media management working :sweat_smile:

Your explanation makes sense. I’ll be sure to do this next. Thanks so much for your help :+1: