Move files from PC to NAS

I am new to this forum. I just purchased a QNAP T251 and have used it for a month now. I want to automatically transfer files downloaded onto my PC to my NAS. I use Sonarr on my PC and not my NAS since my VPN is loaded on to my PC and I prefer to keep it that way. I have looked at all the various suggestions for resolving this problem but they do not appear to work for me. I have NZBDrone loaded through my startup folder (not as a service) and I have what I believe is the correct folder set up in my download client. I am wondering if anyone knows of a program I can load onto my PC that will automatically to this transfer for me (maybe even delete the file on the PC when done?). Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

You need to set the series path to point to the share on the NAS (that tells Sonarr where to import the file to).

Yes, I have tried this - even talking to QNAP about the proper address to use. This is what I used:
\\share\CACHEDEV1\DATA\Mulimedia\TV Shows
I receive an error that the path does not exist.

And that path works in Windows Explorer?

No it does not work in windows explorer. I was told to use this address by a tech from QNAP. I understand I have to use the IP address and not my QNAP’s name. If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them!

You need to tell Sonarr the share path, whatever that may be (which opens in Windows explorer).

Sorry to keep after this, but how do I find the windows address for my QNAP folders? I thought I had the correct one after talking to QNAP support, but what they gave me simply does not work. I have ‘mounted’ the QNAP drive in Windows (not sure if this is the proper description) and can see the files and folders contained in my QNAP. For example, I see “Multimedia (\drhqnap) (Z:)” in Windows Explorer, but how do I use this information in Sonarr?

It may be \\drhqnap\Multimedia (it’ll be whatever the mapped network drive is pointed to). You don’t need to use the IP address, the hostname is fine. You probably don’t want to use the mapped network drive though, unless you want to change how Sonarr is running (as covered in the FAQ).

I tried the path and it worked on my test file! Thanks for your help.

This now works great! The episodes download to my NAS just fine. I do have one more related question. When I setup a new series to download, the default settings point to my PC. How do I change this to my NAS? I have looked at the “add Mapping” feature but do not know how to enter the correct data - if this is even the spot where it goes. Any help will be gretly appreciated!

You pick the Root Folder path when adding a new series, make sure you’re picking the correct one (and remove any old ones you don’t need).

Thanks, but I am not even sure if I have the correct location in Sonarr to enter the default data. In the “Add Mapping” area, Sonarr asks for three items - 1 Host, 2 Remote path and 3 Local path. Since Sonarr is located on my PC and I want the series to save in my NAS, what do I enter in these three fields?

This has been answered several times here (search for Remote Path Mapping) also read the help tooltips.

If you have additional questions about it, let us know.