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Sonarr version (
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OS: Windows 10

Description of issue:
Just upgraded to V3 yesterday when I saw the preferred words feature. I am trying to use the Group Edit to move HDTV-720p to the WEB-720p group so that preferred words can determine which nzb gets selected within those two qualities but can’t figure out how to make that happen? If I ungroup HDTV-720p and then try to drag the sub-item into the other group it simply regroups HDTV-720p and move it above WEB-720p in the priority sequence.


HDTV-720p is not in a group by default, did you add it to group previously? If not it sounds like you’re creating a group then trying to move a group into a group which isn’t possible.

I’m able to add HDTV-720p to the WEB 720p group



When I pulled up the Group Editor HDTV-720P was in it’s own group. How do you Add or remove an item from a group?


You drag and drop new qualities into an existing group.


Okay, I finally got it to work. I had to pick up the HDTV-720p and slide it around in the WEB-720p box for several seconds until a blank space appeared. Don’t know if it’s supposed to be so difficult to get the blank space to appear so you can drop the new entry in…

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