Mono hogging CPU 100% on Restart of Sonarr

Sonarr Version:
Mono Version:
Synology 918+

I am setting up Sonarr on a brand new Synology and every time I restart Sonarr the Mono Process shoots up to 100-120%.

If I restart the Synology everything is running fine.
If I shutdown Sonarr and Start it again everything is running fine
If I press the Restart button within Sonarr the mono process runs wild.

I have switched off OPLOCK as somebody suggested in another thread, but this hasnt helped.

Anybody else experiencing this, and have a solution?

Edit: It seems Sonarr does not respond once restarted.
Edit2: I am seeing exactly the same on my existing Synology, restart kills it, shutdown/start up works fine.
Edit3: Testing on Radarr the Mono process comes up when I restart (25%), but goes after a few seconds.

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