Monitor Pilot Episode Not working

Sonarr version

Windows 11

Debug logs

Description of issue:
When selecting to monitor only the pilot episode, Sonarr flags the show as being monitored, and flags the episode to be monitored, but flags the season to not be monitored. This causes the pilot episode to not be monitored.

I just tested this and it worked for me. Added a new series that was releasing today but had not yet released. Chose Monitor Pilot only. Flags were set according to how you described. Once the episode released, it was automatically grabbed and downloaded.

Thank you for looking into it. Unfortunately, my results differ.

This is what flags look like when I tell it to look for pilot episode only:

When I click “Search Monitored” it goes straight to “completed”:

And the events look like this:

When I click the little magnifying glass that is right next to the pilot episode, the events look like this:

My downloader then successfully grabbed and downloaded the episode.

This means I have to go into each show and manually click to search for the episode, instead of just being able to search for all missing and have it look for the pilot episodes like it’s supposed to.

Ah. That I was able to replicate. So it’s not so much that the entire Monitor Pilot option doesn’t work (since it does when setup for new series), but the forced Search Monitored function does not work in conjunction with Monitor Pilot setting. That does seem like a bug.

You’ll probably want to log that as an issue over in Github.

This will be fixed in v4.

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