Missing show(s) in calendar

Sonarr V4:-
Windows10 Pro 64bit

Miss Scarlet and the Duke - TVDB Series #368638

Calendar originally showed S04E01 for Sunday, Jan. 07 '24 but has since disappeared with no others listed…

The TVDB indicates first air dates for S04 all episodes as ‘Alibi’ now (presumably the network?) but Trakt has the 1st episode airing on the proper date correctly.

Not sure what is going on but TVDB seems to be having trouble with a number of British TV series lately.

Thanks - let’s hope the transition happens sooner rather than later …@markus101

We have no current plans to change to TMDb from TheTVDB, the linked post is from Trakt.

Your comment about the linked post being from Trakt was extremely childish since full well know we ALL know where it’s from and why it was posted. Let’s not play games.

My reading of this is that markus101 was replying to sdembis, and that sdembis took your comment to be about Sonarr. Whether I’m right or not, there’s many ways to read this situation, so maybe ask for clarity rather than immediately jumping to aggression, like you do in many of your comments.

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Correct, because I was pinged about a transition that is not planned “happening sooner rather than later” I replied indicating that there are no such plans.

Sir, this is Sonarr, not an arcade, no games are being played.

We’re switching to TMDB as the primary data source for TV shows After several months of internal discussion

This is not a quote from me and the topic title is Trakt is switching to TMDb which is not an alternative way to write Sonarr is switching to TMDb (which we have no plans to, as I mentioned above).

I apologize if this comes off as rude or condescending, but why? There’s clearly a demand for it.

Even if it was just an option to change the source in settings, that would be huge.

Is it just that inconvenient or does the development team just have some sort of beef with TMDB?

Disclaimer: not a dev by a long shot, I dabble in scripting and little tools at work and that’s about it. Below is my opinion, not the sonarr devs’.

See, that is what a lot of people think. Just change the link in sonarr where it gets data! :wink:

The actual work is more like an engine swap under the hood (from gasoline to diesel for example). You can’t use the same engine because your fuel has changed. But you also can’t just drop in a new one and be done with it. New engine, new injection system, new fuel lines, maybe a different exhaust pipe… the list goes on.

Same with sonarr, you want to change sources but the engine won’t work…

As to the “why not change or use both”, the devs can answer better. I recall limited resources (active devs) for something that’s a big undertaking, and thetvdb having the most shows anyway as some of the reasons. But please don’t take my word for gospel or an answer from the devs.

Thirrian pretty much summed it up, there are 100+ things for us to work on at any given time and at this time switching or adding for for multiple metadata providers is not at the top of the list.

TheTVDB has support for alternative orders (beyond a janky “DVD order” that we’ll likely look at sooner than a whole separate provider.

I opened a ticket at TheTVDB to ask why they had all the Miss Scarlet and The Duke S04 episode air dates listed as ‘Alibi’. They indicated that the network Alibi who produces the show would not be airing it until February and the “air dates on PBS are not relevant”. Every other metadata provider has the correct air dates from PBS Masterpiece Theatre. As yet, there are no episodes of the series listed in the Sonarr calendar whatsoever in February. However, TRAKT has all the episode air dates listed correctly. So, is this simply a calendar issue or is it the TVDB…? Perhaps alternatives do need to be considered … perhaps for the Sonarr calendar listings so we can at least import shows manually if need be when they are actually broadcast from whatever network provider and available for download. Thanks for all your great work on Sonarr1 Love it!

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It’s TVDB.

@markus101 Would it be simpler to be able to add another calendar sync to the Sonarr calendar for a different episode provider (e.g., IMDB, etc.) rather than going under the hood and changing everything required to change or add another metadata provider? In other words, just having series episodes added from other providers to the calendar only? My understanding is that this can be done with the google calendar. One would then be able to manually import series/episodes and not have to wait until the TVDB lists the series air dates when it can be so out of date for certain series/episodes.

No, calendar is built from the metadata, there is no “sync”.

So what happens when someone sets up from scratch and adds a list from Trakt who is now using TMDB? Does sonarr once the shows are added via Trakt turnaround and pull the data from TVDB?

Trakt provides a list of items to add with title and IDs, Sonarr gets the Title and the TVDB ID and uses that to add the series, Trakt does not provide any series/episode metadata to Sonarr.

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Thanks, wanted to know just in case Sonnar ever goes tits up and the only way to fix it is from scratch. Every show and movie I add to Sonarr and Radarr gets added to Trakt so I always have some kind of list.