Missing Eps not appearing in 'Wanted'


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Linux (Synology/Docker)
Description of issue: A new episode of the Great British Sewing Bee aired on Tuesday - see screenshot:

However, my ‘Wanted’ list shows no missing items. Is this a known issue, before I investigate?

Also, while I’m here, when can we expect a new cut of v3? I’m still on the Dec 29 version, and it feels like there should have been an update by now? :slight_smile:


Oh, never mind. My stupid fault - I had the series as ‘Unmonitored’.

Would love to know when we can expect a v3 update to drop though!


You’re also running an old version of v3, switch to the phantom-develop branch and you’ll see updates again.

Edit: Never mind, phantom is “stable” and phantom-develop is “develop”.

Edit: The phantom branch is not getting updates, phantom-develop is where you want to be for updates.


To be honest that is not the best advice. That’s switching to the development branch of a beta version. Anything may go wrong at any point in time. If you can live with that and are willing to put in some work to file decent bug reports and accept that in the worst case you have to nuke your sonarr install and start over, go for it.


My understanding is that there will be no more updates to 3.0.0.x, phantom-develop is on to 3.0.1.x. But maybe I’m wrong? I don’t see why you’d run Phantom which is something between an alpha and a beta… and get yourself stuck on a version that is weeks old at this point.

Edit: Never mind, I’m wrong!

> 13:55 < _zoggy_> phantom = stable. phantom-develop == bleeding edge


14:02 <@markus101> either phantom-master will become a thing or we’kk update phantom at some point, but ideally we just go to master/develop soon™ and be done with v2 :smiley:
14:03 <@markus101> There definitely won’t be any updates to 3.0.0.x, it’ll be 3.0.y.x

I revoke my never mind. The phantom branch will not get any more updates, they’re going to phantom-develop now. So if you’re on v3, you should switch.


Seems a bit of a daft branching methodology. I’d have assumed that ‘phantom’ would remain as v3’s master until it’s released and supersedes v2, at which point it would switch to actual master and disappear. I don’t really want to run phantom-develop right now, as I want as much stability as I can have (I’m happy to test, but I use this every day). And how will people know to switch from one to the other?

So why not make phantom-master, you know, just phantom, and merge phantom-develop onto it??! :wink:


I’m gonna have to totally agree w/ that :stuck_out_tongue:


It’d just be for consistency of naming phantom-master becomes master. If we do introduce another branch we’ll redirect requests to update phantom to phantom-master and it’ll update as it normally would, the actual branch name doesn’t really matter.


thats what docker is for. i’ve got both v2 and v3-develop running side by side - i’ve just disabled the rss feeds in v3 and test that part manually


I stand corrected, I wasn’t aware of the recent “promotion” of phantom to sort-of-almost-master :smile:

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