Migrated Plex Server to new machine, change plex library location in sonar?

Windows 10


Tried looking all through settings and system tabs and searching wiki and forums but couldn’t find info.

I just switched my Plex server to a new machine instead of having it on the same machine that I have Sonarr on. I am trying to change the Plex library location in Sonarr to the remote machine, seems like it should be easy I just can’t seem to find where to do it. I did see about possibly having to change the user of the Sonarr service if I have issues accessing the remote drives so I’ll keep that in mind but I mapped them on the Sonarr machine so wanted to try that first.

So yea, where can I change the drives / Plex library location in Sonarr? Thanks.

Run the exe, not as a service. Map the drives on the new machine to the same drive as the old. Itll work fine. I have *arr on a different machine as plex as well & they all play nice this way.

To change the location you either edit the series and change the path or use series editor to change the root folder.

Ahh thanks. Blanked on checking the series settings.

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