Media language cutoff not working after migration from v3 to v4

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: docker container

Description of issue:
Hello people!
My first post here, so sorry If I’m missing something.

After the migration from v3 to v4 I see my media are getting downloaded using “English” instead of the previously selected language (Italian).
In v3, under Profiles → , there was the Language Setting which now it’s disappeared.

I read some online guides which reports I should define a Custom Formats for Italian language and then assign it a score > 0.

In my test I’ve created 2 different Custom Formats and both has a score of 10. One is for Italian only content and the other one is for “Multi” language content (where multi are Italian (required) and Original) but this is not solving my issue. What I’m expecting is to see a list of media (when I search for an episode, just for example) where all non-italian episodes are rejected. Instead I see that all english episodes are still accepted as downloadable for a reason I don’t understand.

I also tried increasing the Italian score to 10000 but nothing changed.

Can someone help me understanding what’s I’m doing wrong?
Thanks so much

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