Mass Editor - Clear Selection Button

I have been moving series around my discs and use the Mass Editor.

This works well and I tend to do it in batches of a few series at a time to a specific disc.

I will then select some more and move stuff to another disc.

Unfortunately; because I have been forgetting to unselect the series from the list it then moves them again.

For instance:

(1) Select Series1 and Series2 moving them to Disc1

(2) Select Series3 and Series4 moving them to Disc2

What happens is that (1) S1 and S2 are moved to Disc1 and then (2) S1, S2, S3 and S4 are moved to Disc2 because I forgot to unset the selection of series selected in the first move.

I realise it is my own stupidity at forgetting to unselect what I’ve already done but it would be useful for there to be a button on the screen to clear everything selected. At the moment you have to scroll up and down potentially dozens of series to find ones you’ve selected to unselect them.

I hope this makes sense

The select all button (at the top of the select column) provides this functionality, when less then all series are selected it will select all, when everything is selected it will unselect all items. It does mean you’ll need to scroll to the top once, but at the moment I don’t think we’ll add a separate button to clear the selection.

Hi Markus
Thanks; that works perfectly. It’s obvious when you realise how it works.

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