Mass edit what is monitored

It would be nice if in mass-edit (Sonarr 3.0.3) I could set shows to “Current Season” or “Future Episodes” or the other possible settings when you add a series instead of only being able to toggle Monitored On/Off.

For me, especially “Current season” would be great, but I expect other people would really like future eps or some of the others without having to go into each series to change it.

I did sort of get around his by going into the sonarr.db file at doing

update episodes set monitored = 1 where airdate > DATE(‘2019-09-01');

Which I think has caught everything.

That’s what Season pass is for.

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I do not see any way to mass edit in season pass. The point is I do not want to tick a littlle “monitored” badge over and over and then wait for it to take and then go back and click the ones that didn’t. And it does nothing about Future episodes if that is the setting I want to set.

Edit: you can do this via the season pass. Select the series and use the dropdowns at the bottom…

Props for taking initiative and finding a solution instead of not even trying. But yea… Season Pass would have possibly (certainly) made things easier for you lol

Oh, I see what you mean. The “Dropdown” at the bottom is invisible until you check a series, so I dididn’t notice there were two options there.

Not so much invisible as disabled. They cant be enabled if there is nothing checked for it to apply the changes to

because it is light grey on white, it is effectively invisible.

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