Mark downloads as failed based on MediaInfo


It would be great if Sonarr could mark downloads as failed and replace them based on the MediaInfo once the download has completed.

Specifically, if stereo copies are downloaded for a show where surround sound is preferred. Not all release groups indicate the audio channel information in the release name so keyword restrictions do not help.

This check should happen before importing the episode and reject it if the current episode file does meet the criteria. If the current file does not, (or there is none) import the new file anyway, but mark it to be replaced by a new download as soon as one becomes available. The user could configure if they would rather replace a lower quality surround sound episode with a higher quality stereo copy or prioritize surround sound over resolution/source.

An awesome add on to that would be if Sonarr sees that downloads from a particular release group are always stereo (say after 3 times, or whatever number the user configures), it then blocks that release group on that show (or all shows where surround sound is wanted, also user configurable). This would save on wasted bandwidth usage in the future.


We have no plans to do this based on media info since it’s not available when a release is grabbed.

No plans for such a feature, but you can blacklist release groups manually.


I understand. Blacklisting release groups manually is what I do now. Unfortunately which release groups should be blacklisted varies widely show to show, and is a mess to keep track of.

If we could have instead, the ability to override global ignored words on specific tags, that would help a bunch. Ie. Release group ‘ABC’ is almost always stereo, but for show A they release surround, and show B is only available in stereo so that release group should be allowed. At present, I have to create a tag that blocks that release group and apply it to every show except two, rather than creating a tag to allow them and applying it to only two shows.


v3 should at least make having to tag multiple series easier though we may also look at tags that shouldn’t apply to the restrictions/other things that are tagged.

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