Manuel import don't work with different source location?

Sonarr version (exact version):

Package Version 3.0.4 by Team Sonarr

Mono Version

AppData directory

Startup directory


OS: Ubuntu Desktop 18.04LTS

Description of issue:

If I download a tv show - Tom and Jerry (1940) to /home/plex/downloads and I manually want to import the files via Sonarr to my Tom and Jerry show which I just added, I don’t have any options what to ever to choose my source import directory? I can only import files from the current directory Tom and Jerry was added too , in this case /home/plex/media/TV-Shows/Tom and Jerry (1940)/

So for me to get this im ported, I manually have to start up and SSH session, copy or move the files to the media folder, and that I can go to Sonarr and manually import them?

Im 99,99% sure of that I haven’t done it this way before - normally I can download my shows, and manually import by choosing my source directory to import.

Any ideas?

Sonarr > Series > Add New > search ‘Tom and Jerry’> click ‘Tom and Jerry (1940)’ > Root Folder > click drop down menu > Add a new Path > add /home/plex/media/TV-Shows/ > OK > Add Tom and Jerry

Thanks for sharing , but that isnt import?

If you’ve already added the series and want to import the files, use Manual Import from Wanted: Missing (it’s been there since v2).

I have the same problem and have checked your solution but it doesn’t work. When you click on “Manual Import” it opens a small window and shows the path to the series. You can’t change the path so therefore you have to manually move the episode to the series folder and then import or you can just refresh & scan. I believe the OP is asking is it possible to change the path that Manual File Import uses.


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Sorry, I read that and assumed you meant you had downloaded the files, added the series in Sonarr (without setting the correct path), and then wanted to import them from a different location - basically complicating things for yourself.

Presumably the order is different, or you’ve already added some from a different location. I missed this part:

I can only import files from the current directory Tom and Jerry was added too […]

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its working fine for me, see screenshot below. you can pick any path at all in the system (via the browse button), and it will remember the previous paths youve imported from (which you can click on to select, or use the X on the end to remove)

i always use interactive though, quick import seems to not work as well as i’d expect

no its not possible from there - you have to use the wanted > missing > manual import action if you want to select a folder to import from

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I will try look at Wanted : Missing next time ( but i recall it was way easier than this in 2.0)


Thank you for that post. That was one of very few things I had trouble with in Sonarr. That answered the question very well. I just followed your directions and it works so easy, thanks again.


It’s the exact same in v3 as it was in v2.

Ok Thanks for the info .

Dont know why I have problems importing. Have to look deeper into my problem :slight_smile: