Manually import subtitle files in the same language that have multiple variants

Sorry my English is not good

Sonarr version (exact version): release-6b42f15 由 hotio 制作
OS: Docker in Synology 7.2.1-69057
Description of issue:
Suppose I have the following documents
<filename>.mkv: Video file
<filename>.zh-hant.ass: Traditional Chinese subtitle file
<filename>.zh-hans.ass: Simplified Chinese subtitle file
When I import this video file using manual import, how do I preserve the language of these two subtitle files?
They now look something like this:

sonarr should now only recognize files like this:
<filename>[-_. ]<iso_code>[-_. ]<tag>.<ext>
However, zh-hans or zh-hant are not valid iso_code
Or hans or hant are not valid tags

Doesn’t anyone know what to do?