Manual Search Sort Order

I know this has been asked in the past, but with a new version rewrite, I am going to see if this can be considered again.

I do not use sonarr to automate torrenting for me. I use it as an organizer and download torrents manually. Is there any way to add a default sort column to manual search results? I realize this isn’t a high priority as only a small set of us care about this, but it sure would be nice.

Again, Nice job on v3

As in a way for Sonarr to retain the sort order used when displaying manual search results?

I’m a little hesitant there, because inevitably someone will sort by something, forget and then see results in a funky order the next time they search.

Which column would you want to sort by default? Currently the the order is the order that Sonarr would process them in automatically, based on your quality profile.

Ideally I am thinking by number of seeders desc. Then it is easy to scroll down to find the quality you want.

It isn’t a huge deal but if I do 10-12 searches a couple times a week to get everything I am following, it is a lot of clicking.

Hell, even if it just set a session variable, and then future searches for shows used the last sort order for that session. Then it isn’t ANOTHER feature check box/default.